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Rains Returns To Argentina Today…But | Rain Makes Grain

Rains Returns To Argentina Today…But

Written by on April 24, 2016 in NatGasWeather - No comments

Showers and thunderstorms return to Argentina and Uruguay today, once again slowing soybean harvests and bringing more rain to already saturated fields. However, rainfall today won’t be nearly as heavy as last week, while also being focused east into Uruguay and far southern Brazil with the heaviest amounts. Although, any rainfall is unwelcomed over northern and eastern Argentine soybean fields as yields continue to drop due to damage from recent flooding and heavy rains. The first image shows showers and thunderstorms east of Sante Fe, Argentina this morning. The radar is missing additional showers north and east due to coverage stopping. Additional showers will fire throughout the day along a stationary boundary. The next image shows the Infrared satellite image, highlighting the heaviest showers are focused over Uruguay and southern Brazil due to the coldest cloud tops, meaning better vertical development of showers and thunderstorms over those areas. The third image shows rainfall totals expected from midnight to midnight Sunday, with the heaviest amounts east of the main Argentina soybean belts, but still with rainfall generally adding up to 0.30 to 2.0+”. Finally, the last image shows that the cool front currently triggering showers today will push into Brazil as the week progresses, resulting in dry and mild conditions across Argentina and Uruguay, allowing harvest to rapidly pick up speed in the days ahead. Simply put; showers returning to already saturated fields is not good for Argentina soybeans, but it won’t last as Monday brings only scattered showers, and then dry the rest of the week.

24 hour rainfall totals Sunday
Rainfall pushing north out of Argentina and Uruguay by mid-week

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